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MEMS-Hoggetowne Independent Study

MEMS 4905 (#25F0):
Instructor: Will Hasty
Hoggetowne Medieval Fair Internship — 1 credit (15 contact hours)
Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor

  1. Students will assist in the staging of the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire under the Supervision of Sunshine Andrei.
  2. Under the principal supervision of Sunshine Andrei and Will Hasty, students will (re-)construct a medieval machine based on their knowledge of physics and medieval engineering or complete some other project, and then present their work performatively in costume in the 2018 Hoggetowne Medieval Faire.
  3. Under supervision of Will Hasty, students will be asked to spend some time supporting the organization and staging of Commemorative Events associated with the German-Embassy sponsored Campus Weeks 2017: 500-year Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

An activities schedule will be worked out during the first weeks of the semester.

There is a limited enrollment-cap for this independent study.
Contact Will Hasty for more information: