Wayland the Smith on the Franks Casket

Spears, Smiths, and Iron in Anglo-Saxon England

Andrew Welton, 2014-2015 Rothman Doctoral Fellow (Department of History): Spears, Smiths, and Iron in Anglo-Saxon England Tuesday, 21 October 2014, 12:00-1:00 pm, Walker Hall 200   Spears are one of… Read More


Giuseppe Mazzotta, “Dante and the Future”

Image: Sandow Birk, “On the Steps of Purgatory.”   Giuseppe Mazzotta –Sterling Professor of Humanities for Italian; Chair, Department of Italian, Yale University– Dante and the Future  Thursday, November 20,… Read More


Study Abroad in the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE

….in Summer B 2015: MEMS IN MANNHEIM “Explorations of the Holy Roman Empire” featuring program excursions to Vienna, Nuremburg, Trier,  Worms, and Alsace   Information Session September 18, 2015 at… Read More