Cross-Listed MEMS Sections in Spring 2019

Jewish History: 711-1492: MEM 3931 sec. 36A4  (also EUH 3670) Professor Nina Caputo (History) This course will survey major historic developments in medieval Jewish society under both Islam and western… Read More

Landmark Achievement: Florin Curta marks a Quarter-Century Shaping Medieval and Early Modern Studies at the Kalamazoo International Congress on Medieval Studies.

After organizing another round of successful panels last May 2017, this month Florin Curta marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of his intensive involvement in the International Congress for Medieval Studies at… Read More

Summer B 2019 Study Abroad in Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Medieval Studies Abroad in Summer 2019 Explorations in the Holy Roman Empire–A Walking History of Imperial Europe from the Romans to the Present. This Summer B study abroad program explores… Read More

Online MEMS Courses for Residential and UF Online Students

MEM 3300: Castles and Cloisters – An Introduction to Medieval Communities MEM 3301: Palaces and Cities – An Introduction to Early Modern Communities A brief introduction to MEM 3300 and… Read More