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MEMS now has a Facebook page! Like us at to get updates– and join the group at to discuss medieval & early modern topics, and even medievalisms– and… Read More

Summer B 2018 Study Abroad in Medieval and Early Modern Studies

A Walking History of Imperial Europe from the Romans to the Present. This Summer B study abroad program explores European cultural history as having been organized around and shaped by… Read More

Online MEMS Courses for Residential and UF Online Students

MEM 3300: Castles and Cloisters – An Introduction to Medieval Communities MEM 3301: Palaces and Cities – An Introduction to Early Modern Communities A brief introduction to MEM 3300 and… Read More

Among the MEMS courses in Spring 2018:

EUH 4584: Medieval Russia EUH 4930: Catastrophes in the Middle Ages CHT 3513: Taoism and Chinese Culture